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Tips on How To Open Rar Files On Mac?



how to open rar files on MAC

Unlocking .rar files specifically on Mac is a bit confusing to the mind so tips on how to open RAR files on Mac simply will be helpful. A RAR file is a known archive compression format similar to a zip file. It is a format employed to condense computer files 80-30 percent smaller than zip files. They can be broken up into equal parts for filing. Rar files also can be secured by using a password. Opening RAR files typically use unique software such as the UnRarX.

  • Before moving on to the tips on how to open RAR files on Mac, understand first about rar files. You must have a little knowledge of rar files in order to guide you along the way.
  • If your computer runs Mac OS X, you can use the Stuffit Expander which is already built into the system. Stuffit Expander can decompress RAR files. It also retrieves a number of other compressed file types.
  • If you are using an Apple Macintosh computer, you can open RAR files by the use of “iArchiver”. It is just simple to use.
  • Another way to open RAR files on Mac is through a tool which is the Mac Classic. It has a total set of tools to create and open different kinds of compressed files.
  • You can use a decompression software such as UnRarX to open compressed files. It is offered in Mac Os X. Download and then launch it in your Mac.
  • Drag the rar files and drop them into the icon of your downloaded decompression software. The software will open the rar files so you can use them.

These tips on how to open RAR files on Mac will be helpful to you if you still do not know how to do it. Just remember that in extracting rar files, you will need a rar compression software. Aside from that UnRarX, there is also other software like WinRar and 7-Zip file manager. Always make sure that before doing opening RAR files, have them run first through a virus scanner if the origin of the file is unknown. It may bring danger to your saved files in case there is a virus present.


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